(Català) Harmonització vibracional amb veu

The vibrational harmonization is a resounding through the waves emitted by the voice. Our body is 80% water. Each sound wave that crosses our body, pushes and moves parts of this water body. Just as there are noises that make us tense and sick (like a jackhammer), there are also sounds that relax us and heal us. Certain vibrations of sounds, in this case produced by voice, serve to balance inside and outside through waves that resonate in our body and beyond.

In individual or group session, while singing harmonics, sounds and melodies, you can simply relax. I usually advise that everyone who participates in harmonization to formulate his/her  intention for the session. It can be something general or specific. During relaxation and harmonization, sometimes a “trip” to the unconscious takes place, in which images, emotions or sensations arise that can help us to find some clues regarding our intention or something that concerns us at present. These sounds and vibration, as happens in other energy and manual techniques, can help us to release withheld emotions, open new insights or simply approach a greater good.

First Monday of every month, free group session from 20h to 20.30h

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