Sala Hestia

SALA HESTIA in Cardedeu is a space for psychotherapy and other personal growth activities. A place to share knowledge and proposals on therapeutic and health issues from an integrative point of view, in which self-awareness and personal responsibility play a central role.

sala hestia out inWe offer a large and welcoming space that facilitates access to the inner space where you can explore and feel supported and professionally oriented; a place to find your deepest longings, heal wounds, and access resources to make everyday life more harmonious and full of self-consciousness.consulta individual

Hestia Hall, at a 15 minutes walk from the train station (see location), has 85 m2 Hestia distributed in a large room, a consultation space, toilet and office. If you like the place and you want to make a proposal for this space, contact us and we can discuss about it.

espelma vertical“Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth and temples, the keeper of the sacred fire, which links the old with the new homes.

To Hestia, to get to know the world is looking inward sense and intuit what happens, without getting lost among the thousands of details that capture the senses. Delivered to every daily task, she does not feel that this is “wasting time” but “being part of it”. Hestia is the quiet home from where any activity makes sense.

Hestia is the archetype of the connection to the inner core. It relates to the unity, connecting with the essence of each thing and each other.

Hestia is the sacred fire in each, the genuine expression of self. “

Some more photos of Hestia Hall

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