Who I am

I’m Anna , Anna Ferre Giménez, tireless  learner and seeker, tiny part of internal and external world that is constantly changing. Woman, mother, friend, psychologist and therapist, singer in the shower, vocational dancer,  driver, cook, and many more things, like everyone else .

Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, and formed in Gestalt therapy and family constellations. (Click here to see my curriculum vitae)

My professional experience has developed in different fields. For many years I worked in the social field in different parts of Spain and Europe, and also in international cooperation in Africa.

In recent years I have combined my professional life in private business with family life and raising my two daughters. At the same time I’ve been busy cultivating my passion: the knowledge of human being. First of all, I’ve done it by getting to know myself deeply, attending formation in the therapeutic field and of course, living life.

In therapy I offer what I am, whatcomes from my roots and what I have been integrating with my own experience, my training and my own everyday life. My therapeutic approach combines Gestalt therapy – working presence, awareness and responsibility – with systemic and phenomenological work based on systemic constellations, without leaving apart the tools of clinical psychology from the more cognitive and constructivist side.

In situations that generate anxiety and confusion (emotional conflict , stress, illness, sudden changes in life, etc. ), in constant exchange with the person, we work together  in order that difficulty can be overcome and become a learning experience of growth and new resources. Hand by hand with the patient, I go with him or her throughout his or her process towards a greater well-being, working together so that he or she can be better integrated and harmonized and is able to take control of his or her life to live fully.

In the current situation of change of values ​​and paradigms, a larger understanding of all that affects us as human beings – and therefore deeply  affects our community and social development- is urgent. A more integrative interdisciplinary approach is needed to reach personal and social health, to provide us with new insights and new solutions for the present time. No doubt every individual has a role, because “as it is inside, it is outside”. Plowing, sowing , waiting , watering , collecting . Plowing, sowing , waiting …