Individual sessions of constellations for health

The Constellations in individual sessions are a therapeutic methodology that allows, through playmobil dolls,  symbolical representation of different aspects of the reality of the person consulting. So, when a person has a health problem, this tool allows him or her to externalize aspects of the personal emotional and family life  that are related to their discomfort, disease or symptoms. In some cases, you can identify certain events or family patterns that are repeated in different generations, and that are affecting the fonctionning of the current generation (generational transmission of family patterns ). In others, you can see what is the role of the disease within the family and vital system of the patient, and thus an alternative can be unfold so that the disease can withdraw.

This is a session of about 75 minutes, which can show  relevant emotional aspects that are affecting your health (often unconciously). Therefore the session serves as a diagnosis (ata psychological and emotional level) and as the beginning of an awareness. When the person in the constellation, gets in touch with his or her emotional world, an internal psychological process that facilitates recuperation of health itself is triggered, being a very valuable resource to improve other therapies and treatments. The integration of emotional aspects causing or resulting from disease increase the self-healing power we all have.