Aug 282015

return to everyday life

Undo your bags, those that were filled with light expectations and desires. Undo your bags, which now bring a little more worn out and a little dirtier clothes, after walking new places, crossing by new people. Breathe deep gratitude for what you have lived in the time you’ve been away from your everyday life. All that, yes, eating and sleeping a lot and at odd times, deeping into the sea or walking new paths or streets, doing things you normally do not do and that make you feel so well, even those excesses that precisely because we do not do every day, you feel rather as if you can conquer a small freedom.

Undo your bags, replace your things and fill your daily life with this simple relaxation, with that carefree wandering. Go back to your home, make it yours again, redecorate it with moments of deep breathing, laughter while drinking beer, the lovely meetings with friends and those anecdotes that in the distance become nice. You will find that putting your holiday by bits in different corners of your house, your protected space, the return makes you feel happy. And if not, perhaps it is time to start thinking about doing occasional repair work or even move out.


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